2005 FERRARI fxx    



Car type    Prototype Body design    
Year    2005 Engine design    
Make     Engine type    
Model    FXX Built by    
Colour ext/int     Total built    29
Serial number     Built in period    xx/xxx/xxxx


Launch date  
and place  
 xx/xxx/xxxx at ... Price    
Building date    xx/xxx/xxxx Version    Test mule
 Engine  Dimensions
Nr. of cylinders    12 Length    mm
Arrangement    V in .. degrees Width    mm
Bore    mm Height    mm
Stroke    mm Wheelbase    mm
Unitary and  
total capacity  
 6262 cc
Track front  
Track rear  
Position     Wheels make  
and type  
Cilinder block   and head     Wheel size front  
Wheel size rear  
Compression   ratio    ... : 1 Tyres make  
and type  
Max power   output    >800 bhp at 8500 rpm Tyre size front  
Tyre size rear  
Spec. power  
per liter  
 bhp/liter Empty weight  
Kerb weight  
Spec. weight  
per bhp  
 kg/bhp Maximum  
Max torque    Nm at ... rpm Engine weight    kg
Max revs  
(red  line)  
 ... rpm Fuel tank    liters
Timing gear    ... valves per cilinder
Fuel tank   placement    
Fuel feed     Weight distr.  
front / rear  
 ... % / ... %
 Electrical   system        
Cooling system        
Transmission Body and chassis
Wheeldrive     Body frame    
Clutch     Chassis type    
Gearbox     Number of seats    1
Differential     Suspension front    
1st gear ratio    ... : 1 Suspension rear    
2nd gear ratio    ... : 1 Brakes front    disc, Composite Ceramic
3rd gear ratio    ... : 1 Brake size front    mm
4th gear ratio    ... : 1 Brakes rear    disc, Composite Ceramic
5th gear ratio    ... : 1 Brake size rear    mm
6th gear ratio    ... : 1 Steering    
7th gear ratio    ... : 1 Hand drive    l
Reverse gear   ratio    ... : 1    
Final drive  
 ... : 1    
0-60 mph    ... seconds 0-100 kph    ... seconds
0-100 mph    ... seconds 0-200 kph    ... seconds
1/4 mile    ... seconds 0-1000m    ... seconds
1 mile    ... seconds Fuel   consumption   overall    ... liters/100km
top speed    kph    

Car features  



 second seat

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     Race history    
<year & race>

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Type of   championship     Driver(s)    
Event     Car number    
Date(s) event    xx/xxx/xxxx


Race result     Team entry    

Recent visitors to Ferrari’s Fiorano test track have been quick to spot an unusual prototype in-between the usual hive of high speed activity. With rumours of a Super Enzo having been in circulation for many months, and continuous disagreement amongst enthusiasts regarding the confusion of the Enzo and F60 name, these hot encounters have certainly sparked great excitement.

Although no official comment has yet been released by Ferrari regarding the project, certain details have come to light. As can be derived from the photographs, all modifications are focused on performance enhancement. A new exhaust system is featured, replacing the original quad
outlet system with large single pipes per cylinder bank. The original three-way catalytic converter has clearly been eliminated altogether, with the unburnt fuel mixing with
exhaust gases on overrun not being converted into Carbon Monoxide and water, but turning into a brutal pyrotechnics display instead. Whether this exhaust modification is related to a forced induction system is unknown as of yet.

At the front, engineers have added a recessed NACA duct to draw in increased volumes of cool air efficiently, a similar modification as to that made to the Ferrari F40 LM, by Michelotto. A subtle aerodynamic modification has also been made under the raised central nose, with the area now featuring a blanking plate with dual flow ducts. In order for the extra power to be fully exploited, a large rear spoiler has also been added to increase traction for the driven wheels.

In similar fashion to the Ferrari F50 GT, and F40 LM, this prototype has clearly been engineered with raw track use in mind. A reliable source has stated that this particular car belongs to an individual operating a race team in Europe, who intends to use the car in a racing programme. Padua based Michelotto are the favoured company for carrying out such conversions for Ferrari,
although they claim not to be involved in this project, declaring that they have only ever seen the car in Italian car magazines.

Although this particular car appears to be a one-off, it has been made known that Ferrari are going to resume a very short production run of cars for select clients who did not have the possibility to acquire an Enzo in the first run. A selection of twenty clients have already been
contacted by Ferrari and received a ‘preview’, whilst a batch of 25 new chassis will be built in total.

There is widespread talk that the cars will be sold for a price of $1.5 million, covering several upgrades specifically designed for track day use. The standard Enzo based engine will remain normally aspirated, but will feature heavily modified internals resulting in a power output of 850 bhp. To cope with the extra power, a new gearbox and brake system will also be part of the package.
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